Anno 1800 Attractiveness: How to increase the island value (2023)

In this guide to attract iveness in Anno 1800 you will learn:

  • What an attractive island brings you
  • How to increase the attractiveness with items and buildings
  • Which levels are available
  • When legendary visitors move to you

With its complexity ,Anno 1800 not only appeals to strategy game lovers, but also to beaurocrats who value the beauty of an island over its efficiency. Thanks to the DLC Anno 1800: Palaces of Power, not only complicated production chains in Anno 1800 are simplified. Players also no longer have to choose between an efficient and an attractive island, as both can now be combined.

The higher the attractiveness value of an island, the more benefits the game grants. In this guide, you will learn how to increase the attractiveness and take all the bonuses that the game offers you for beautiful islands. For more helpful tips on Anno 1800 - The Passage and the best tactics to wage war in Anno 1800, check out the linked guides.

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What is the island attractiveness?

The attractiveness system did not appear in the predecessor Anno 2205 (), despite magnificent islands. It rewards beautifiers to decorate cities and plan handsome buildings. For this purpose, the game provides various ornaments, romantic plazas and picturesque parks, with which islands can be embellished in no time. Each island has its own attractiveness value.

As a reward for attractive islands you get valuable workers that activate special effects for surrounding buildings in chambers of commerce, harbor masteries and town halls. In addition, a very high attractiveness value unlocks the ministries and policies in the Palace building, whose bonuses affect and strengthen all your islands.

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The visitor port takes a lot of influence on your income and brings better specialists to your city if it is more attractive.

Visitors to attractive islands leave more money on their city and vacation trips and replenish the treasury with regular visits. Labor that you can't use is often traded at a high price. It pays to make each island as attractive as possible and to equip it with a visitor port.

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The Prestige level, introduced with the Palaces of Power DLC, rewards you with the first level from 9,000 points. From this value on, you'll need 1,000 points for each additional level. The higher the prestige level, the stronger the basic bonus of the ministries. In our tips for Anno 1800 - Palaces of Power, we have described the effect of a prestige level in more detail.

How do I increase the attractiveness of my island?

The attractiveness of an island increases through various buildings, festivities and nature. 64 blocks of untouched nature give your island one attractiveness point. On a newly populated island this adds up to several hundred points, later this is the most inefficient way.

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Celebrations increase the attractiveness of your islands only temporarily.

Celebrations increase the attractiveness temporarily. They usually happen automatically . The happier the islanders are, the more often they hold celebrations. If your island has a completed world exposition in Anno 1800, you can also start celebrations manually by running an exposition.

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The "Town Hall Reform" Directive of the Ministry of Administration, adds 200 attractiveness to all town halls in the radius of the palace. It is unlocked only after the island reaches a value of 5,950.

What factors lower the attractiveness?

Buildings that cause stench, noise and pollution have a negative effect on the island attractiveness. By moving the pig farm, cattle farm, butcher shop, and all heavy industry to another island, you avoid the point deduction. Diseases, fires and wars also have a negative effect on attractiveness.

Which items increase the attractiveness?

With items you can influence the attractiveness of buildings in Anno 1800, which normally don't bring any points. To do this, you have to place them in free pedestals of town halls and make sure that the building range is respected. The following items will give you this effect:

Anno 1800 Attractiveness: How to increase the island value (3)

Items socketed in the town hall can increase the attractiveness of surrounding buildings.

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ItemIncrease of attractivenessAffected buildings
Boys choir flyer7
  • Church
  • School
  • Chapel
Crimbles' chrosgesellschafts palakt10
  • Church
  • School
  • Chapel
Solo entertainer billboard5
  • Variety
  • Tavern
Sarah Bartok, the golden throat7
  • Variety
Harvest festival flyer5
  • Marketplace
  • Banking house
Billboard for Inmas international trade fair10
  • Marketplace
  • Bank House
The "Valley of Death" - A tract about the upper kingdoms10
  • University
Billboard for La Condesa Del Amor's majestic dance10
  • Variety
  • Inn
Artisan market poster7
  • Marketplace
Piano concert billboard7
  • Inn
Colorful fireworks1
  • All old world residential buildings
"Rare artifacts" booklet5
  • University
  • Clubhouse

Which buildings increase the attractiveness value?

Buildings and ornaments have the greatest influence on the attractiveness of an island. The following buildings will help you:

  • Parks, Plaza and Ornaments: Whenever 21 blocks have been occupied with these buildings, your island receives two attractiveness points. It doesn't matter what population level the ornament is from or how expensive it is. Farmer's grass is the cheapest way to increase attractiveness at $15 per block.
  • Palace main building: 150 attractiveness
  • Palace wing: 15 attractiveness
  • World exhibition: 150 attractiveness brings the basic building without active exhibition. The preparation time and the size of an exhibition determine its attractiveness. The more conditions are fulfilled and goods are delivered, the more attractive the exhibition becomes. 800 attractiveness is the maximum value you can reach.
  • Botanical Garden: The Botanical Garden sets not only provide improved fertility, but also increased attractiveness. Complete the Sargasso Sea Garden set to activate 50 attractiveness for visitor ports. You will need the plants "Coconut Palm", "Beach Lilac", "Candelabra Coral", "Stone Coral", "King Palm", and "Staghorn Coral".
  • Museum: artifacts displayed in the museum give between 30 and 50 attractiveness.
    • The complete "Culture of Aegis" set adds five attraction points to variety shows and museums that otherwise have no points. It consists of the exhibits "Statue of Enosichthon", "Dionysian Mosaic", "Temple of Olympia", "The Iliad" and "Temple of Poseidon".
    • The complete set "Bronze Age" provides two attraction to lumberjack huts, hunting lodges and quarries. It is the only way to equip the island with industrial buildings more attractive. To do this, you will need the artifacts "Tara Brooch," "Brón Dolmen," "Goidelic Stone Knot," "Menhirs," "Goidelic Stone Circle," and "White Fang, Sword of Rhydderch. By scheduling exhibitions of the "Wonders of Architecture" category in the World's Fair, you will receive more artifacts to complete the sets.
  • Zoo: The main building does not bring any attraction. All animals displayed in the zoological garden bring between ten and 50 attractiveness. The rarer the animal, the higher the value. Complete the "extinct species" set to get five percent extra attractiveness on all animals on display. To do this, you need to collect giant deer, wolf and colponomos. Expeditions in Anno 1800 will help you complete them.
  • Music Pavilion: Can only be placed in zoos, museums and botanical gardens and equipped with "scores". They bring between 30 and 50 attractiveness.

Anno 1800 Attractiveness: What levels are there?

There are a total of 22 attractiveness levels. The level determines the probability with which visitors travel to the island and what rarity value they have. For visitors to arrive, a city needs at least zero attractiveness. Islands with a negative value are not visited by visitors. In the following list you can see which levels are reached with which value and which visitors arrive:

LevelRequired attractivenessOrdinary visitors in percentUnusual visitors in percentRare visitors in percentEpic visitors in percentLegendary visitors in percent
AbominableUnder -1,350-----

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