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How do I stop GOG from autostarting? ›

Open up Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc is the shortcut), click on the Startup tab. Right-click GOG Galaxy, and choose Disable.

Does gog have achievement? ›

Achievements Modes

In the Development mode, no achievements are displayed in the GOG GALAXY client and only appear when a user fulfils the unlock criteria for them in an SDK-integrated build.

How do you get the GOG game? ›

1) GOG GALAXY can be downloaded for Windows and macOS here ( Once the app has been installed on your system, select a game in your library and click the INSTALL button.

Does GOG sell digital games? › (formerly Good Old Games) is a digital distribution platform for video games and films. It is operated by GOG sp. z o.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Projekt based in Warsaw, Poland.

How do I get rid of GOG integration? ›

Once you click “Disconnect” next to the integration in GOG GALAXY settings, all data about current connection will be removed from the server. Sometimes, it may be necessary to “re-connect' the integration before you will be able to Disconnect.

How do I stop my GOG from syncing? ›

- Select the game in GOG GALAXY, - click on the customization button next to Play, - select Manage Installation → Configure, - disable cloud saves feature and confirm with OK.

Can you play GOG games without launcher? ›

No, you don't need any additional apps or launchers. All games downloaded from GOG are nicely wrapped in a self-executable (exe) setup file, some of the larger games are accompanied by binary files. See this support article for how to download the offline installer.

Why can't i play my GOG game? ›

Launching issues – GOG SUPPORT CENTER. If the game isn't visible in your library, please try these steps: - shutdown GOG GALAXY (cogwheel icon →Exit) - log into your GOG account with a browser - click this link ( Lastly, restart GOG GALAXY and verify your owned games.

How do I find hidden games on GOG? ›

To unhide it, please go to your "Owned games" view, then select Filter -> Status -> Hidden. Right click on a game you want to unhide, relevant option will be located there.

How do I buy games on GOG in USA? ›

- the product page (like this one), by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. Once you've got one or more items in your Cart, click on the Cart icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and select "Checkout Now".

Which is better GOG or Steam? ›

When deciding between GOG and Steam, most gamers choose Steam because it's convenient and hosts a larger selection of games. Steam also has much more in the way of brand recognition, so many gamers use the platform because it is the one they are most aware of.

Can you play GOG games without Internet? ›

so far one can download offline installers for owned games on gog. so after download, one can install a game offline.

Do you actually own GOG games? ›

GOG's system works great for me - for my "use case" - that is, I buy games for me to play on my PC's. Most software is sold on an "you have a license to use" not on an "you OWN it" basis. GOG doesn't "own" the rights to the vast majority of software it sells. It's basically a retail distributor.

Should I trust GOG? › offers DRM-free games (digital rights management). This means that when you purchase a game, you will be buying the license that allows you to play and not buy the game itself. is totally legit and even helps in stopping piracy. It is legit in different countries, especially in North America and Europe.

Does GOG give you a key? ›

We are an independent platform, and none of our games can be redeemed elsewhere. We also do not distribute any physical content - everything you purchased from us, or got from the redeemed gift code, can be instantly downloaded from GOG.

Does GOG connect still work? ›

Now though, in a statement to PC Gamer, GOG has made Connect's demise official, confirming the service is "no longer supported". As to the why, it's not much of a surprise. "For a long time nothing really happened there," it said, "so we've decided to shut it down".

What happens if GOG closes? ›

If GOG shuts down, the super-secret DRM built into everything will activate and cause your hard drive to self destruct. So, you know, keep buying games to keep GOG in business if you value your computer.

What does GOG integration do? ›

GOG GALAXY lets users combine their game libraries from different platforms into a single app – to install and launch any PC game they own, track their stats and achievements, and even see what their friends are playing.

What happens if I stop syncing? ›

If you turn off sync, you can still see your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings on your computer. If you make any changes, they won't be saved to your Google Account and synced to your other devices. When you turn off sync, you'll also be signed out of other Google services, like Gmail.

How do I get rid of syncing? ›

Sync and Google services.

Under “Sync,” click Manage what you sync. Click Customize sync. Turn off any data that you don't want to sync to your account.

How do I stop all devices from syncing? ›

If you're signed in before sync is turned on, you'll stay signed in.
If you don't want to sync everything, you can change what info to save.
  1. On your Android device, open the Chrome app .
  2. At the top right, tap Profile. Sync.
  3. Turn off Sync everything.
  4. Turn off any data that you don't want to sync to your account.

Can GOG detect pirated games? ›

Galaxy detects GOG games automatically, and it would be difficult (if not impossible) for GOG to determine a game is pirated vs simply borrowed or being used by another player in the home unless you go and tell everyone you pirate games (sort of like you did here).

Can games bought on GOG be played on Steam? ›

You Can Now Play Epic Games and GOG Favorites on the Steam Deck.

What is the alternative to GOG games? ›'s top 5 competitors in March 2023 are:,, fitgirl-repacks. site,, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits,'s top competitor in March 2023 is with 1.8M visits.

How do I manually install GOG games? ›

To install your GOG game, please go to "GOG.COM" tab under the Games list on the left side, click on the title you wish to install and click the Install button on top of the page. Pick the directory you want to install your game to and press Continue. The install button will change to display the installation progress.

How do I repair my GOG game? ›

(to the right of the Play button), and choose Manage installation -> Verify / Repair... . GOG GALAXY will now verify all of your game files, and compare them with files hosted on our servers. If there are any discrepancies GOG GALAXY will redownload, and repair corrupted files.

Why Steam over GOG? ›

The primary difference between games on Steam and games on GOG is that GOG is entirely DRM-free. If you purchase a game on the platform, it's yours to own — period. Steam games perform a check to ensure you're connected to Steam. In theory, it's possible to lose your Steam library if Steam ever vanishes.

Does GOG have old games? ›

At GOG we take great pride in finding classic titles that shaped video game history and bringing them to the new generations of gamers around the world. The Timeless Classics Collection you witness here is a result of many years of such meticulous search.

How safe is GOG unlocked? ›

Yes. IGG Games is completely safe, the only unsafe thing is the huge number of ads that make you download something else that's not the game you want, make sure to use an ad-blocker. And try to avoid Megaup links because there's always hundred of ads.

What happens when you buy games from GOG? ›

Once you have finished placing and paying for your order, the game will be added to your GOG account and can then be downloaded - you can either use GOG GALAXY or your browser. If you want to learn more about how to download your purchased game, you can find more information here.

How to get GOG games cheaper? ›

Choose a VPN server to connect to – you should make sure this server is in the region which gives you the lowest prices for the games that you want to buy on GOG. You're all set! Login to your GOG account, and you should find games listed in the currency of your chosen region. Happy bargain-hunting!

How do I redeem free games on GOG? ›

If you search for "free games" on you will get a lot of these free DLCs.
Please Help!
  1. open the store page with the game in question.
  2. push the big green button "add to card" (see the screenshot attached)
  3. proceed with the purchasing the game for 0 credits.
May 16, 2019

How do I stop my GOG Galaxy from opening on startup? ›

Go to the GOG COM logo -> settings and you will find an option for it there. Uncheck start Galaxy at startup.

How do I stop my browser from autostarting? ›

Method 1: Disabling Chrome from the Startup tab
  1. Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. ...
  2. Inside the System Configuration window, select the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager. ...
  3. If you're not taken directly to the Startup tab, click on it yourself.
Mar 10, 2023

Why do apps open on startup? ›

Often, a program starts automatically because of a shortcut in the Startup folder in the Start menu. The program may also run automatically from a registry entry.

What happens to my games if GOG shuts down? ›

If GOG shuts down, the super-secret DRM built into everything will activate and cause your hard drive to self destruct. So, you know, keep buying games to keep GOG in business if you value your computer.

What is the point of GOG Galaxy? ›

GOG GALAXY lets users combine their game libraries from different platforms into a single app – to install and launch any PC game they own, track their stats and achievements, and even see what their friends are playing.

What is the difference between GOG and GOG Galaxy? ›

About GOG. GOG is best known by gamers for GOG.COM – the digital store with hand-picked selection of DRM-free games, and GOG GALAXY – a gaming app that brings all your games and friends in one place.

Can you deactivate GOG account? ›

If you're sure that you wish to delete your account, contact our Support team. After verifying that you are the account's owner, they will initiate the deletion procedure. Please keep in mind that account deletion is irreversible.

How do I get rid of default open with app on Mac? ›

Permanently change the app used to open a file
  1. On your Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window.
  2. Select the file, then choose File > Get Info. ...
  3. In the Info window, click the arrow next to “Open with.”
  4. Click the pop-up menu, then choose the app.

How do I stop my browser from hijacking Chrome? ›

Remove Browser Hijacker manually
  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to Chrome > Preferences... to open its settings.
  3. Scroll down the settings page to find the Search engine section.
  4. Click Manage search engines.
  5. At the very right of the list, click ⋮ to delete any search engines you do not wish to have.
Jan 10, 2023

Why does Google automatically open when I start my computer? ›

Not many people realize that Chrome will run background apps even when it is closed by default. This could be the reason why it keeps opening on startup.

How do I stop apps from opening URLs in my browser? ›

Disable the app's internet permission: One way to prevent an app from opening the web browser is to disable its internet permission. Go to your device's settings, then to the "Apps" or "Application Manager" section, find the app in question, and toggle off the "Internet" or "Network access" permission.

Is GOG still losing money? ›

GOG to "focus more on its core business". The latest CD Projekt earnings report shows that digital storefront has been losing money. The company's overall revenue has increased 38 percent ($34.7m) owing to sales of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, but GOG reports year-to-date losses of $2.21 million.

What does GOG stand for? ›

Browse all Good Old Games » Good Old Games.


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