Openstack Backup and Recovery Software | Vinchin (2023)

As the world’s most popular open-source cloud platform, OpenStack has been widely chosen by modern large enterprises to meet their needs of more flexible cloud platform construction.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery adapts to the flexibility of OpenStack to better strengthen its infrastructure with efficient and powerful automatic instance backup and recovery functionalities.

Highlights of Vinchin Backup Solution for OpenStack

Automatic VM Backup

Automated instance backup with flexible backup scheduling options

Agentless Backup

Easier installation, less resource consumption and maintenance cost

LAN-Free Backup

Direct data transfer though SAN, 0 production network consumption

Powerful CBT Alternative

Faster incremental backup for OpenStack instances


Advanced data extraction for more effective backup storage saving

Unified Web Console

Simplified instance backup & recovery job management

What you get for OpenStack with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

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Complete Data Protection

As a 100% third-party backup solution, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also calls APIs of OpenStack supported storage solutions including distributed storage (Ceph) and centralized storage (HPE 3PAR, NetApp, Promise, etc.), making sure your mission-critical project data can be highly recoverable all the time.

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Innovative Backup Features

Designed as an all-in-one data protection solution, Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers various innovative and powerful features including SpeedKit (CBT alternative), BitDetector, and granular restore etc. all at once for you to use, helping to protect OpenStack environments in a more advanced way.

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Improved CTO

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides OpenStack users an easy access to full backup and restore functionality with one intuitive web console. Designed for centralized job management, you can always mange to control the whole backup environment in a matter of minutes even if your IT infrastructure is complex.

Key Features

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Forever Incremental Backup

Forever incremental backup works as a more time and storage saving backup strategy with once-off full backup at the start. You can put SpeedKit into full utilization with forever incremental backup, and the unique feature designed by Vinchin will work as CBT alternative to quickly identify changed data blocks for faster OpenStack volume backups.

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Deduplication & Compression

Vinchin Deduplication and Compression are two powerful data reduction techniques that can be used for effective backup storage saving. Deduplication works to detect duplicate data blocks especially the zeroed data blocks, and only back up unique data blocks, while compression helps to reduce the backup size of an instance by at least 50% by compressing deduplicated data blocks.

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This Vinchin unique technology mainly focuses on the detection and exclusion of swap files, partition gaps and unpartitioned spaces to remain only written valuable data in backup repository during OpenStack backup process, raising valid backup data rate per unit of job running time.

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Flexible Node(s) Expansion

Considering the relatively large size of each OpenStack project, Vinchin provides backup node(s) adding features to help build a scale-out infrastructure to back up more OpenStack volumes. Data can be backed up distributedly to multiple backup depositories, and you can easily manage all nodes still through the default web console.

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LAN-Free Backup

Compared to legacy LAN-based backup, LAN-Free backup strategy from Vinchin can transmit data of target instance from OpenStack to backup system directly through SAN, resulting fast and smooth volume backup process with 0 taken-up production network resources.

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File-level Recovery

When some files are mistakenly deleted or an application is corrupted by accident, you can fully utilize Vinchin Granular Restore for quick file-level recovery. It allows you to select target files or folders you want in a restore point of the instance, and directly recover them back to the original destination without implementing full instance recovery.

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Cloud Archive

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides accessible interfaces to Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3 and S3 compatible storages for you to archive OpenStack volumes of massive instances on cloud for longer data retention use, giving triple guarantee on data security.

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Offsite Backup Copy

To reach higher data availability, you can choose to save independent backup copies of local production data in offsite data center. In case both local production and backup environment are damaged, your offsite backup copy of the latest restore point is still available for restoring target instance back to local or offsite OpenStack data center.

We win trust from global brands

Innovation-Driven IT Solution Provier Viconia IT AB Sweden / oVirt "Vinchin delivers us professional and standard enterprise scalability in the data protection aspect, it's a future proof solution with user-friendly features and functionalities." READ MORE
Largest Health Program Cooperative Unimed Natal Brazil / oVirt "I was not very familiar with VM backup solution. So I was a little worry due to my lack of such knowledge at the beginning, but when everything gets done by the Vinchin team, I found it's not that difficult!" READ MORE


Top Reasons to Choose Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Robust VM Backup

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Automated OpenStack Backup

Vinchin Backup & Recovery performs image-based, incremental and crash-consistent backup for OpenStack instances. You can easily set a backup workflow to automatically run on a daily, weekly and monthly basis without typing command-lines manually for volume/snapshot backups. Combining this with application-aware MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle DB backups that Vinchin supports, both of your system files and databases in the OpenStack environment can be well protected at ease.

LAN-Free Data Transport

Besides traditional LAN-based data transport, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also supports users to back up instances in OpenStack environments via LAN-Free path which relies on direct SAN (Storage Area Network) access, without affecting the production network. It works to boost instance backup speed and shorten backup windows, so that high data volumes can be efficiently backed up even during business hours.

Backup Storage Savings

Vinchin Backup & Recovery uses multiple data reduction technologies to effectively reduce the size of your backup data for optimized backup storage utilization. Deduplication features helps ensure only unique data blocks are saved, and compression feature is able to release at least 50% of your original incremental backup data size. Furthermore, we also offer Vinchin BitDetector feature for deeper data extraction to minimize the cost for backup storage expansion.

Complete Data Protection

Best 3-2-1 Backup Practice

Besides onsite scheduled backup, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also provides offsite backup copy and cloud archive features to build an ideal 3-2-1 backup architecture for OpenStack users. With local backups in hand, you can save extra backup copies at the remote site, and archvie the backups to the cloud storage at the same time. In this way, even if disaster hits your primary production environment, there're still highly available backup copies ready for effective disaster recovery.

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Long-Term Data Retention

Long-term data retention has become an important part of modern business operations, and in some countries and regions, data retention policy has been standardized by the local government. With Vinchin Backup Archive, such requirements can be fully met. You can establish your own backup archive plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for critical data generated in different instances, making sure all the infrequently-used yet important history data all can be safely kept in the cloud.

Backup Data Encryption

Vinchin Backup & Recovery will simultaneously encrypt your OpenStack backups when they're transferred to the backup repository, so that eavesdroppers can't access any files even if they get the backup data during data transfer process. Once data encryption feature is enabled, password verification will be required when you need to restore any of the encrypted backup data, which secures that the data will be used by the right user. The feature will be available when you configure local backups, backup copies, onsite/cloud archives and backup imports from detached storages.

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Ransomware-Proof Backups

Considering the threats ransomware and other malware can bring to your IT infrastructure, Vinchin Backup & Recovery takes action to prevent your critical OpenStack backups in the backup repository from any possible malicious attack with backup storage protection technique. Based on real-time I/O monitoring, any data modification request by unauthorized applications will be directly denied, so that you can have peace of mind knowing all your OpenStack backups are given dual protection by Vinchin backup system.

Improved TCO

Optimized IT Administration

Since IT administrators are often busy with different projects, Vinchin Backup & Recovery delivers a series of user-friendly monitor and notification functionalities to make you grab hold of system status most in time. Job alerts and notifications can be sent to you via email daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The data visualization interface built in the web management console allows you to know the working status of each functionality partition in real-time through a large display screen.

Manpower Savings

Vinchin Backup & Recovery adapts agentless virtualization backup technology to process instance backups with lighter computing resources. Traditional agent-based backup usually requires more system resources and maintenance workloads for qualified backup performance. But by using OpenStack backup solutions from Vinchin, you can get a backup job immediately started with no more pre-agent deployment and maintenance cost needed.

Intuitive Management

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can simply control all the OpenStack backup and restore jobs through a single pane of glass. In the web-based management console, any feature you want can be found at the sidebar where they are clearly divided into different functional categories. To get an automated backup, restore or archive job configuration done, a few simple clicks at the screen will be all it takes. Even if it's your first time trying the operations, you'll be able to master the software in minutes without special training.

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Resources for OpenStack Backup

Product Guides

Materials for you to quickly get started with Vinchin Backup & Recovery


Datasheet Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0


Quick Installation Guide

Installation Guide Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0


Release Note

Release Note Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0


User Guide

User Guide Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0


How-to Video

Learn how to backup and recover your OpenStack with Vinchin

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Industry Case Study

See how we help our industry customers optimize VM Backup & Recovery

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Blogs about OpenStack

Keep up to date with Vinchin latest developments on OpenStack

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Vinchin has been honored to join in the OpenStack ecosystem and is listed as an OpenStack supporting organization


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Backup, Restore and Instant Restore Working Principles with OpenStack


Frequently Asked Questions

Tips about OpenStack Backup you want to know when using the product

When should I enable "Create snapshot in advance"? And what's the benefit?
To setup Offsite Backup Copy (Offsite DR), what kind of license is required on the DR site Vinchin server?


Find the best Vinchin solution for your OpenStack Protection

To suit a wider array of business needs, we provide flexible edition and license options of our customers.

We got multiple product editions here!

We got multiple product editions here! Free Edition applies to micro-businesses who has only 1 or 2 VMs need to back up. Protects up to 3 virtual servers running on OpenStack hosts.

Standard Edition applies to SMBs who needs enterprise level data protection for their OpenStack Infrastructure, requires advanced backup and recovery features.

Enterprise Edition applies to medium and large organizations who own comprehensive and complex IT infrastructure.

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Openstack Backup and Recovery Software | Vinchin (22)

Which license type do you prefer?

A Vinchin Perpetual License means one-time pay, forever use! You can enjoy complete VM protection from Vinchin Backup & Recovery without limitation of time. It is sold by the number of physical CPU sockets on target hosts.

A Vinchin Subscription License allows you to subscribe the Vinchin Backup & Recovery every per 1-3 years to balance your budget. It is subscribed by the number of virtual machines that you need to protect.

Edition Comparisons for OpenStack Backup

Find the best edition that suits your need most


Up to 3 VMs

  • VM Backup
  • Full VM Recovery
  • Integratable with Deduplication
  • Appliance



Unlimited Protection

  • Forever Incremental Backup
  • SpeedKit
  • Deduplication & Compression
  • BitDetector
  • LAN-Free Backup
  • Instant VM Recovery
  • Full VM Recovery
  • File Level Recovery
  • Backup Copy
  • Backup Archive
  • Integratable with Deduplication
  • Appliance


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Contact us, get a best offer for your organization!


Pricing FAQs

Some answers to the most common questions about pricing

Which hosts are required to be licensed in my virtual environment?

Licenses are required only for the hosts you intend to backup. The hosts on which you want to recover VMs does not need to be licensed.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, single order amount exceeds US$10,000, you can get a discount from Vinchin. The larger the order, the higher the discount. Please contact or Vinchin sales manager for a discount details.

What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

You don't need to pay any additional international taxes, you only need to pay the import tax according to your local tax policy if there's any.

What's the purchase procedure?

1. Contact Vinchin sales manager to confirm your purchase.

2. Receive contract & invoice from Vinchin by email.

3. Sign on the contract with your company stamp and send it to Vinchin by email.

4. Receive Vinchin signed contract and submit the payment transfer, once done, send transfer proof to Vinchin by email.

5. Once we receive your payment, Vinchin sales manager will contact you to deliver license by email. (Bank wire transfer usually takes 3-5 working days, Paypal/AliPay/WeChat Pay usually takes 1-2 working days.)


Any question?

Contact us and Vinchin Support Team is here to answer it for you from Monday to Sunday.

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Email Support

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Phone Support


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Learn more details about how Vinchin and Openstack work together for better business experience.


Interested to buy Vinchin Backup & Recovery? Request a quote here, we will contact you soon with pricing details.

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